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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  June 18, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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g looking properly sick elderly people, that cost money and i am pleased that the prime minister has acknowledged today, that if we are going to deliver our ambition of world —class going to deliver our ambition of world—class health care, that will cost money and the bill will have to be paid by the tax payer. is the message then the bold? it is to be bold, but not to persuade yourself that you're being massively bold, when you are telling voters that the national health service, local public services are paid for out of taxation, you might find they have got there first. it will leave feeling more humid tonight the further south you are. there could be a bit of dampness here and there and temperatures not dropping below 18 degrees in central london overnight tonight. just a few
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showers across the highlands and islands tomorrow morning. lots of cloud in central and southern england to begin with. continuing across western coastal hills through the day but cloud steadily building from the south—west after a bright start in the more northern areas. outbreaks of rain in northern ireland and big temperature contrasts north to south. this time tomorrow night, wetter spells through scotland and northern ireland and the far north of england. cold front working southwards into wednesday, not sweeping away the milder ever the south—east on wednesday but after that, fresher and most places dry. this is bbc news — our latest headlines. theresa may's confirmed that taxes will have to be increased to pay for the extra £20 billion funding for the nhs. she said taxpayers would contribute ‘a bit more' in a "fair and balanced" way. british transport police have confirmed they are investigating
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whether three men who were killed by a train near brixton in south london this morning, were graffiti artists. the government has lost a vote in the house of lords over its brexit plans. peers backed a call to give parliament a bigger say in the event of a "no deal" departure from the eu. the government says it will bring in a new law to criminalise "upskirting" — the practise of taking photos under people's clothes without their consent. in less than half an hour, england kick off their world cup campaign in russia — we'll have all the build up injust a moment in sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll take a closer look at how the government intends to spend the extra money it's announced for the national health service. at seven o'clock, beyond 100 days will be asking why donald trump is weighing in on german politics, and how it's connected to his own row about immigration. we'll hear claims from a reportjust out about how millennials could suffer from poor
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health later in life as a result of stress and poor housing. and at the later than usual time of eleven thirty, we'll bring you the paper review, with city am's rachel cuncliffe and former labour spin doctor lance price. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, live in moscow, this is sportsday. on day five at the world cup, engalnd are preparing tojoin the party. their opening match against tunisia kicks off in the next half an hour in volgograd. iam i am live inside the arena with the tea m i am live inside the arena with the team news and we are nowjust minutes from kick—off.
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and we've already seen england's group g opponents in action. belgium must have been worried at halftime, but they were too strong for panama in the end. i'm john watson in the bbc sport centre — also coming up in the programme... eddiejones gets the backing of the rfu after a run which has left his future in question. and there's news of two notable absentees for the remainder of england's series with australia. evening, three more matches at the world cup, we'll have all the action from nizhny novgorod and sochi injust a mount — but england's time has arrived. injust a moment —
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but england's time has arrived. their world cup opener against tunisia in volgograd s starts injust s starts in just a few minutes. we can show you some live pictures from inside the arena, our correspondent natalie pirks is there. we are having a few issues with trying to get hold of her and a few gremlins there, i know there have been some moss keto is certainly. but we have found out in the last 25 minutes what we've really known for the last couple of days, the players were told who would be starting and now we officially know as well. we can 110w we officially know as well. we can now go to natalie pirks. good evening to you. i was just saying, we sort of knew who was going to start but now it is official — what is gareth southgate's first world cup team? well, it is basically as
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has been widely reported. i am just going to step out of the way while i tell you about this because england are down training at the moment. jordan pickford will start in goal. kyle walker on the right ofjohn stones, ashley young has been preferred to danny rose at left wingback. jordan henderson preferred as the anchorman in midfield. lingard, sterling and kane up top. two changes to the team which beat nigeria at wembley. and it means that nine players are being handed world cup debuts, it is the least experienced and the youngest of any of the 32 teams here at the world cup. and of course one of the shoo—ins was dele alli, who already has 25 caps. and he has been speaking to gabby logan about how different this team is to 2016 and crucially what has changed. last
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time it felt like everyone was getting on really well. it has been really good, there has been a real positive feeling, everything has beena positive feeling, everything has been a lot clearer. in what way is a nap how we want to play. that comes from the manager? yeah, it is about being together, if we come up against a being together, if we come up againsta certain being together, if we come up against a certain situation in a game like for example against iceland, you will be able to look around you and have 100% trusting everybody and that is important going into a tournament like this, to have the mentality that we are going to win. we are part of the world cup and we have been given this opportunity and it is always an honour to put the three lions on our shirt. we don't want to regret anything. dele alli mentioning iceland there and the european championships, when they were knocked out in the last 16. going
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back a bit further, you were with the england team in brazil when they we re the england team in brazil when they were dumped out at the group stage — what have you noticed of you have spent time with england up in repino and seen many of their qualifying matches as well, what have you noticed that's different about this gareth southgate setup? gareth southgate has come in and, of course, when he was appointed there was almost disbelief among fans that he would get the job. england was almost disbelief among fans that he would get thejob. england had fallen to their lowest point against ireland. he has quite quickly done away with some things that you would not expect gareth southgate to do, the wayne rooney saga has been dealt with when he was pushed out of the tea m with when he was pushed out of the team and gareth southgate has revolutionised this team, he has changed their tactics and formation and he has decided that youth is the way forward. this might not be a tea m way forward. this might not be a team which is going to win the 2018 world cup but at least it is a team which is building for something. and even around the media, i think they
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have really understood that the key to getting fans back onside and changing the perception of the young players was to change the way they dealt with the media. and that has absolutely been appreciated by the likes of me. i remember in 2010 in south africa, we arrived at training one day and found that police crime scene tape had been put up around the england players building, just to make us go around a different way. it led to a feeling of them and ask. that continued in brazil. this time around we have the players playing darts with the media, bowling with the media, sitting down after the press conference with a cup of tea and chatting off—camera with the media and it has made for a much more relaxed feeling and ifeel thatis much more relaxed feeling and ifeel that is coming across. this team feel like they get on and they like each other, there's spirit and the key now is to see whether that translates. one big thing gareth southgate was asked was whether england's traditional shaky start at world cups, if not having won an opening match since 20 know six,
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whether that would affect them and he said there was no way that his young team were going to be affected by what has gone on, the failures of the past. —— 2006. by what has gone on, the failures of the past. -- 2006. the future is all ahead of them and they have got to be thinking about what's possible. the players of the past and the opportunities of the past is in one. this team is looking at things in a different way, trying to play in a different way, trying to play in a different way. they have a hunger and desire, we have better technical players than we've had in the past coming through our academies. so, there's a real enthusiasm, and they're looking forward to getting going. natalie, you talked about those fans and the england players perhaps engaging more with them than they have done in the past. what about those fans? you've seen some of them in volgograd, it is quite a journey, how many are we expecting to see in england colours in the stands? well, we were told this morning there would be 2100, that's
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official ticket sales. of course, tickets are still available for this match, they were up until about ago on the fifa website so we might see a blend of locals in with the england fans. you can see now, the flags are up, the england fans are getting into position but there are still quite a few empty seats. only 19 minutes to kick off. it is not going to be a sell—out here. but it is 2000 miles from london to volgograd. there are no direct flights. and it is expensive, we have heard of fans who have not been able to afford the ff from moscow to get here. so it is not a sell—out and that is strange for england. the last time they played tunisia, in marseille, there were 40,000 england fans! very different getting from england to marseille. but i think a lot of the scaremongering that was done put a lot of people off, a lot
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of the talk about hooliganism, a lot of the talk about hooliganism, a lot of people have been put off. but the ones spoken to can't actually believe how wonderful the russian people have been. and natalie, what about the opposition tonight, she liz young? obviously, it was 20—odd yea rs liz young? obviously, it was 20—odd years ago that they last met in the gi’oup years ago that they last met in the group stages, alan shearer and paul scholes getting the goals, what about this tunisia team? well, it is about this tunisia team? well, it is a team that lacks any real stars. their biggest star is a player from sevilla, but he is injured so they are without him. and they liken that to argentina being without messi or portugal being without ronaldo. so for them, this is a team which is made up of players who get on very well, a good team spirit we are being told, they are balanced and organised and crucially they are confident. basically they are a team
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who have drawn with portugal recently. they were very narrowly beaten in the 85th minute by spain. soi beaten in the 85th minute by spain. so i don't think we're going to be a pushover. they didn't lose in their qualifying campaign. —— they're going to be a pushover. show it could be one of those games u nfortu nately for could be one of those games unfortunately for england. gareth southgate has been talking about the fa ct southgate has been talking about the fact that this team needs to keep its shape. when the going gets tough and it might still be tough in the last minute, they still have to keep their shape and do what they have been working on in training. if they can do that, given how inexperienced they are, if then we could see something good going forward. this will really set the tone for their world cup campaign. natalie pirks, oui’ world cup campaign. natalie pirks, our sports correspondent, pitch side in volgograd, fantastic stuff. kick—offjust over 15 minutes away. let's get some more reaction now to that england's starting xi. just
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across the way i can see the bbc stored studio, this very wise heads reacting to the england xi. they need to embrace this chance, not be safe and try to express yourself and enjoy it. it's a life—changing opportunity for these boys. and we've seen them recently posting pictures of themselves whilst they we re pictures of themselves whilst they were young boys and kids and this is what they wanted. this is they drained what of as young boys. they're in this situation now, millions and millions of people back at home would love to be in their boots now, having this opportunity. so they've got to try and enjoy it, they really have, and just embrace it all. i think what he's done is made the players believe, he's given them an identity, almost, with three at the back and there is a clear idea of how he wants to play, a clear idea of how he wants them to act around the camp. and i think we
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have not seen that for many, many years and used in the country can get behind these guy and back them to the hilt, because they are seeing what the manager wants and people are understanding, not just what the manager wants and people are understanding, notjust the foot ball are understanding, notjust the football people but any man or woman in the street can understand what this manager is trying to do, a real feelgood factor within the squad which has not been there for many years. it is good to have a manager in the studio, frank! thank you! there is a real togetherness it seems in the squad. that is often the case at the start but you have got to keep it going right away throughout? well, this is where the business starts. you have got to credit gareth, he's played a blinder to this point, because everything that he has created... he has got a young group and he can manipulate them as he wants to. and it is exciting because they have got speed and youth in this team now. let's see then go out and show it. the worst thing, i have been in world cups where i felt they slightly passed me by and i wish i could go
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back and do it now. you can see them enjoying it and we need to see them translate onto the pitch now. kick—off injust translate onto the pitch now. kick—off in just under 15 minutes, coverage a cross kick—off in just under 15 minutes, coverage across the bbc and on bbc one this evening. at some point, whatever happens this evening, when gareth southgate gets back to the england team camp just outside st petersburg, he will be analysing the video from the match between the other two opponents in group g, belgium and panama, the debate and scout out the welcome. now, belgium really took their time getting going down in sochi. it was goalless at half—time but once they got going they were simply too strong for panama. patrick geary reports. you can hear the voices and look at the faces. that's how panama feel about reaching their first world cup. faces. that's how panama feel about reaching theirfirst world cup. this for them is a remarkable end goal. for belgium it is only starting.
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time for a team at its peak to produce something tangible. panama spent the first half asking for their ball back and failing that doing everything they could to keep it out of their net — it worked. even eden hazard denied by a show of joyful defiance. the world's third—best team were not in the mood but will jump can third—best team were not in the mood but willjump can turn it around in an instant. dries mertens! that is the moment of magic! dries mertens made the goal of the tournament judging tougher still. hannah miley we re judging tougher still. hannah miley were obliged to venture forward and just for a second michael murillo might have become a national hero. just for a second. but class told with eden hazard, kevin de bruyne, romelu lukaku, a goal built from some of the best footballers belgium have ever seen. panama were bisected again bya have ever seen. panama were bisected again by a through ball from eden hazard, lu ka ku again by a through ball from eden hazard, lukaku got another one. for
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belgium it was a routine day and for panama, one of history. sweden beat south korea 1—0 in nizhny norgorod — the swedes are now level with mexico at the top of their group but they couldn't match the mexicans for flair, as nick parrott reports. spectacular stadiums at world cups are almost a given. unfortunately the quality of the matches played within cannot be guaranteed. sweden haven't won their opening game since they hosted the tournament in 1958. what they would have given to be able to field their recent icon. the first shot in this match took 20 minutes to arrive, the second longest for a first attempt since 1966. south korea were even worse, failing to register a single shot on target. both sides tried to win
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penalties but the officials didn't fall for their antics. the video assistant referee finally intervened in the second—half, the outcome, a kick to sweden. captain andreas granqvist lead by example. that was as good as the finishing what, not that this swedish fans were complaining. they are now top of their group alongside mexico. that, probably the worst game of the world cup so far, game number 12. we will have plenty more from the world cup when we come back later in the programme, including a little bit more on england, of course. kick—off injust over ten minutes. back tojohn now in the studio, for a look at some of the events happening away from the world cup. england's football team will be hoping for very different fortunes to ta ht of the rugby union side. defeat in bloemfontain last weekend, made it five test defeats ina row for eddiejones after such a strong start to his tenure. it's understood the rugby football
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union is still backing the england head coach, despite that losing streak and reports he may have lost the dressing room. jones compared the 23—12 defeat by south africa at the weekend to a "horror movie" but he'll be given until after the autumn internationals to turn the team's fortunes around. i always knew we were going to go through a tough period and i always knew post—the lions we would have difficulties with players having been out for a long period of time, not having our best players available, testing the depth of our squad. and at the moment we are getting a great tapped for our depth and we are developing the character of the team. it is going to turn into a great team. and there is of course one much still to come on that tour despite that defeat.
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hampshire beat yorkshire by 107 runs in the semi—finals of cricket's one day cup. james vince hit 171 runs as hampshire ended their 50 overs on 348 for 9. in reply, yorkshire were bowled out for 241. hampshire will play kent in the final at lord's on 30thjune. two of england's all—rounders will miss the rest of their one day series against australia. chris woakes and ben stokes both have muscle injuries but are expected to be back in action next month. england leading 2—0 in the series. britain's rising tennis star cameron norrie has been knocked out in the first round at queen's. he was beaten in straight sets by the three—time grand slam champion stan wawrinka, who looked comfortable as he continues his comeback from knee surgery. andy murray makes his competitive return to tennis tomorrow. and british women's numberfour katie boulter is out of the birmingham classic — she was beaten in straight sets
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by the world number 19 naomi osaka of japan. the world and olympic 800m champion caster semenya plans to challenge what she calls "unfair" rules affecting some female athletes. from the 1st of november, some female runners with naturally high testosterone levels will have to race against men, or change events, unless they take medication. semenya will fight the iaaf ruling at the court of arbitration for sport. back now to olly in moscow. welcome back to red square, we're some 1000 miles away from volgograd, where england kick off against tunisia in only around 7 minutes.
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and there's news to bring you about disciplinary proceedings by fifa against the mexican fa after reports of homophobic chants by some fans during their win over germany. it's a sour note after that incredible victory. some homophobic chanting was heard and mexico have been warned many times in past for their behaviour of theirfans at times in past for their behaviour of their fans at previous world cups and so fifa are looking into that. there is a fantastic section for all foreign fans, dimple house, just across the road from us here and the man who heads that up, i asked them earlier about the fifa proceedings
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and those claims of homophobic chanting? many ways to be perceived andi chanting? many ways to be perceived and i agree that if it is perceived, if they have already been advised that we should not do it, we shouldn't, we should be respectful. not necessarily to try to insult somebody but we've been asked many times and! somebody but we've been asked many times and i really ask the people that i know not to do it, we don't need the chance to help victories autoplay soccer. —— or to play soccer. some news coming out of the egypt camp. hector cuper, the egypt coach, has been talking about mo salah, who is now facing a late fitness test to face the russians. ourfootball reporterjohn bennett reports. it would be a huge surprise if mohamed salah did not play on this pitch on tuesday night against russia. the
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egypt federation and his agent as well both say he is fit. but hector cuper in the pre—match press conference said he still has to pass a late fitness test to prove he is fully recovered from that shoulder injury he suffered in the champions league final 23 days ago in kiev. as for russia, five days ago there was a lot of negativity around the host nation's team. now, there is a lot of expectation after that 5—0 win against saudi arabia. they could qualify for the last 16 afterjust two games with a win. but mohamed salah could be standing in their way. and what about the expectation for england? so many good luck m essa g es a cross for england? so many good luck messages across social media from fans, celebrities and former players. we picked one out which we thought the england players would enjoy. hello, lads, ijust want to give you the best of luck over in russia, i hope you do the country proud. enjoy the moment, give it
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your best, no regrets and hopefully your best, no regrets and hopefully you can go a lot better than how we did. all the best, boys. so, that is the message from a former captain steven gerrard. let's take you live now back to the arena in volgograd, because we have the anthems... national anthem plays harry kane captaining england, gareth southgate also at his first world cup. that is the xi who will kick off in a matter of seconds, really, . kick off in a matter of seconds, really,. that is the xi, gareth
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southgate's first world cup xi. they face tunisia in their group g opener. belgium have already won in the same group earlier today, putting a marker down. we will see how england respond. such an inexperienced team and we will have reaction here on bbc news a little bit later. that match is over on bbc one. england have never lost to an african team. they last met tunisia backin african team. they last met tunisia back in 1998, she error and skulls scoring the goals then. who will be there goalscorers today? —— alan shearer and paul scholes. that's it from sportsday from me and the team in moscow and all the team back in the bbc sports centre. we now sit and wait to see just how england get on, their world cup adventure is about to begin. from all of us it is goodbye for now. temperatures not dropping below 18
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in central london tonight. just a few showers across the highlands and islands. lots of cloud in wales and central and southern england to begin with. cloud steadily building from the south—west after a bright start in scotland and northern ireland and the far north of england. outbreaks of rain in northern ireland and big temperature contrasts north to south. 14 in glasgow, 24 in london. this time tomorrow night, wetter spell through central and southern scotland and
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northern ireland and the far north of england. not sweeping away the mild air in the south—east, though, for wednesday. after that, fresher and most places dry and bright. you're watching beyond one hundred days... scenes from the us border of children separated from their parents are shocking america. but the president says he's just enforcing the law and polls suggest republicans agree with him. melania trump put out a rare statement saying she hates to see children taken away from theirfamilies. her husband though is standing firm. the united states will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility. these are the images that prompted former first lady laura bush to make an unprecedented intervention calling the policy cruel. mr trump is focused on immigration in europe — tweeting that migrants in germany have caused a spike in crime. but that just isn't true.
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